June 2007

Can this  year be any worse for us, we are heart broken to  say  we  have lost  our 

beautiful boy,  'Oliver' very  suddenly to  a  tumour,  we  are  very  thankful 

that   Oliver showed no  signs of  illness and enjoyed life to the full

but he leaves a huge void that  we will never fill.


May 2007

Lynjuka Sonic Purr

We are heartbroken to say  that  we have very  tragically lost  our beautiful blue  girl, Macey

very  suddenly  after  her evening meal  she just  lay  down and died of  a sudden stroke

at this  moment in time, we cannot express the words to say  how  we feel


Leah was the first British Shorthair we bought .

   Adquash Blue lace .


Leah loved to keep a check on all the household and was  like a mother to them all

She adored  the occasional treat of tea and toast with butter on it .  

Leah loved to spend much of the day sat up in the top of their scratching post where she could view everything that was going on .

 She had the most  lovely and  gentle nature .



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